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Hey guys. :D

Basically, I need to make a habit of not disappearing from the internet every few months or something. But! Now I'm back as a more improved human being sorta, and hopefully I'm here to stay??

(I posted a long detailed entry on explaining what I'd been up to over the past four months or so if anybody's curious.)

Ah ah so I'm planning to update much more regularly from now on, so I think what I'll do is import stuff that I post there onto this LJ every so often for the convenience of people who have me on their flist? Starting with this entry!

Rupert's Adventure Princess Peach Trials and Tribulations Tea and Cigarette Break Radiance Landmaster!!!

I'm planning to update the site three times a week with art I'd been doing while I've been away from the webs, and import those entries here onto the LJ maybe once a week. In the meantime, I'm gonna try to get some more comic work done behind the scenes to resume updates in May. :B Please check back soon!



Four new pages are up at Directions of Destiny this week, complete with vote incentive sketches and everythin'! This marks the first time where the comic has progressed past the furthest chronological point reached in the old version of the story!! Unchartered territory, wutwuut.

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In my comics class we're doing a class project, a sort of anthology where we each draw a part of a complete graphic novel of an alternate retelling of the Greek myth of Hercules (or more accurately Greek, Herakles?). We're basing the story directly off the original legend where Herakles killed his own family and set off on the twelve labors and stuff, so it's definitely not Disney, and it's definitely definitely not Kevin Sorbo. But since the original legend made Herakles out to seem kind of like a stupid jock, we're also trying to inject some relatability in him by exploring his psyche?

Anyway, for the past several weeks we'd been going back and forth regarding the character designs, and eventually it ended up being me and two other people working on combining everybody's suggestions into a single design. Another guy in the group did the final bodies, but I got to take charge of the heads and the costume drawings, which is all I ever really cared about because by Jove, I want Herakles to be a hot bara superstar >8(!!

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Incidentally, the artist who does the art for the Anime Expo brochures, Zelda Wang, is also in my class :D She lead the team who did the final Hera design.

Section 2.1 pages 9 through 11

I've updated Directions of Destiny this week with three pages in Section 2.1. :D I was looking back through my updates, and I realized that 12 on-time updates in a row was my record. 8D() I'M GONNA BEAT IT THIS TIME THOUGH

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I got myself a subscription again finally so now I have all my emoting Slimu LJ icons back. :D This one's actually labeled "angry", but in this case it is HARD DETERMINATION

Art 367

Well, first of all, pages 7 and 8 of Section 2.1 are up at Directions of Destiny! Also, there's an interview with me that went up last week on the Animenewsnetwork, so um, go read it if you'd like? It's kind of long-winded though so I don't blame you if you don't :D()

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School started, and this semester I'm taking a Sequential Art class! *_* There've only been three sessions so far, but it's very interesting and exciting, and the professor is amazing as well! He explains things very clearly, and his lectures are like a narrative in that you sort of get this feel that there are plot devices like foreshadowing and thematic overtones going on, and stuff that he hints at in the very first lecture eventually comes full circle in a later lecture. I'm looking forward to getting better at comics through this class!

Anyway, our first homework assignment was to do a two-page comic about an autobiographical incident, so um, I've included that in this entry for those of you who are interested. :D

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Clearly my obsession with my cat is not unhealthy at all!

Slime Mansion, Mansion Boutique, and Otakon

Rupert :3

I am posting to announce that after several days of strife, I've managed to set up an online store on my website! Welcome, everybody, to the Mansion Boutique! Here I will be selling all the stuff that I'd been selling at conventions, including prints, buttons, bookmarks, and of course, books! Including the elusive Something Colorful artbook that I had worked on last year, featuring the work of me and eight other artists!

And speaking of conventions, this weekend is Otakon 2008 in Baltimore, MD, and I will be there! If you're going, look for me in the artist alley at Table C5. :3

Incidentally, my website itself has also gotten a cosmetic (and functional!) overhaul. :D

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Section 2.1 continues

Another single-page update, but this time also with a single speech bubble! Amaaaazing. Cast page profiles are also updated, and the new layout has been carried out over a good 60% of the site so far.

New daily vote incentives are still going on, and if you vote now it would be especially appreciated since it's the 1st of May and vote counts reset on the 1st. Go go go!

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Section 2.1 Continues!

Oh, check me out, updatin' on time~ ;D A-albeit only a single page, and no dialogue to boot, but um, THAT'S BECAUSE I have a new layout for the site! As of this writing not all the sections are updated with it just yet, but I'll be working on it through the week so that by next Thursday's update everything should be good and ready!

And a reminder that I've been putting up new sketches daily as vote incentives at and, so be sure to check those out every day, Monday through Friday!

(Incidentally, those of you into BL should check out today's Buzzcomix incentive >_>)

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Title page for Section 2.1 is finally done @w@

Ahh this is a bit late. :< I really did work hard on it though, and I'm still trying to update on time next week!! In any case, I finished coloring the title page for Section 2.1, and you get to take a look at it right here~

Section 2.1 Title page

Also, every Monday through Friday from now 'til July there is going to be a new daily vote incentive sketch up at both and! They're the sketches I did for all the pre-orders of Unit 1 back in 2006. Over 100 of them in total! Be sure to check them every day~ ;D

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